We manufacture Promat DURADUCT® LT a Durasteel® based fire resisting ductwork solution ideal for natural ventilation ducting, mechanical ventilation ducting, natural smoke vents, mechanical smoke vents, fire rated pressurisation ductwork and kitchen extraction ducting.

Promat DURADUCT® LT provides up to 240 minutes fire resistance and complies with BS 476: Part 24. It is highly resistant to moisture and retains mechanical integrity even when saturated. Furthermore it does not absorb combustible fluids such as cooking oil in kitchen extract ducts.

Provides 4 hours resistance to fire

  • Non-coated
  • Made from Durasteel® sheet
  • Highly resistant to moisture
  • Certified to BS 476: Part 24

Some of the construction projects which have specified and used Promat DURADUCT® LT include:

  • HQ5 Canary Wharf
  • Monks Cross Office Development, York
  • Oxford Street Housing, Manchester
  • Victoria House, Southampton Row, London.